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  • Bessie is now 13 1/2 years old. She has always been warm inside. Our house is now the coldest it has ever been. We try our best to keep her comfortable. She used to be an outside dog in her previous life so maybe that is the reason. We bought her a cooling mat to lay on. It has seemed to help. Around the same time that she got the cooling mat we starting giving her CBD oil. We have seen some changes in her during this time. We have a split level home and she has never shown any interest in going upstairs unless it is storming out and she needs reassurance from Dad. We have security cameras in our home to check on our dogs when we are at work. We have noticed recently that she is going upstairs and checking the kitchen out when we are gone. She is looking out the back window. She will be downstairs in the bedroom and then back in the living room. It is very exciting for us that she is strong enough to be up and down all these stairs while we are gone. The funny part is she still will not go upstairs without assistance while we are home. She thinks she is getting away with something. Shh…don’t tell her we know.

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Fall is here

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Bessie had chest xrays done this last week. Her oncologist said she is looking good and cancer free. It has been 2 years 8 months since she became a tripaw and 4 months since her second cancer surgery.
Bessie is LOVING the cooler weather. She has been walking at least one mile per day every day. Yeah Bessie!!!!

Three years

Today marks three years since Bessie entered our lives. It has been wonderful seeing her experience the world as a pampered pooch. She has not always been top dog in her other homes. She always will be in our home.
Bessie had a chiropractor appointment yesterday. She was feeling so good even though it was almost 90° out. She decided to tour the property before going in for her adjustment. It is so much fun to see her being sassy at 13 years old.
Bessie finds joy in everything around her. Hopefully everyone can follow her lead.

Two months

It has been two months since my 2nd cancer surgery. I am walking at least 1 mile every day. I enjoy our night time walks because it is cooler then. When I get tired mom and I sit down and rest while dad walks my brother down the block and back. I really enjoy our family walks.