Bessie’s anniversary

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2 year anniversary
Today is Bessies 2 year ampuversary. She was cleared yesterday by her oncologist. It is a great day. Two years cancer free.

We often run into people that say “Oh poor thing”. Let me tell everyone Bessie is 12+ years old. I just had her outside. She is jumping through the snow banks and rolling in the snow. She did not have a leash on. She decided to take herself for a walk. I ran after her which made her run. I finally got caught up to her 5 houses away. I got her turned around and told her to go home. She listened. I just want everybody to know she is a tripaw and she is doing great!

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The beginning

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

20160707_125305We first met Bessie in September 2015. She had a small lump on her right ankle at the time. The vet was not bothered by the lump. We began walking her 2 to 6 miles per day. It was a joy to watch her discover a new world. Around January 2016 that lump began to swell. We had it drained twice, thinking it was a cyst. It became obvious surgery was the only option. Bessie had a surgery to remove the cyst. The doctor discovered the lump was woven in with nerves and blood veins and she could not remove it. We were then sent to see an oncologist for a diagnosis. The lump ended up being a sarcoma. February 10, 2016 we amputated Bessie’s right rear leg. We were terrified. The second day after her surgery Bessie showed us how tough she truly is. My husband was trying to assist her outside and Bessie was dragging him around the yard.